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Meet the Farmers

The food miles for our beef, lamb and pork is less than 35 miles

Manor Farm nestled in the Duntisbourne valley, is a traditional family farm with species rich Cotswold limestone pastures and the river Dunt passing through. A more picturesque Cotswold landscape would be hard to find!

We protect our soil and improve its fertility with the crops we grow and the manure we put on the land

Beef – Our cows have been bred over many years to suit our particular farm. We have crossed Sussex and South Devon cows and use Saler and Sussex bulls.

Our herd is called a ‘single suckler ‘ beef herd. The cows only produce 1 calf a year which is naturally weaned at 7-8 months old. These are purely beef animals not bi-products of the dairy industry. Some of our cows are over 12 years old and most would never have antibiotics in their whole lifetime!

Our beef is hung on the bone for at least 28 days and then expertly butchered to our own specifications by our trusted local butcher.

As a customer Provenance is very important. Our beef products are fully traceable. We keep comprehensive records detailing breeding and any veterinary treatment that an animal might have during its life – usually none.

It is quite possible that we still have the father, mother and grand-mother of that particular animal still on the Farm.

Our beef and lamb are fed a grassed based diet. We graze our cattle and sheep out in the fields for at least 10 months of the year and only bring them in to barns for calving and lambing. Our cattle and sheep only eat fodder and cereals that are grown on the Farm.

The environment is central to what we do. We actively encourage pollinators, birds and butterflies with specially grown habitats for them. The farm is truly sustainable – the livestock, the manure and the cereals are all interwoven.

Lamb– We have a small flock of pedigree Polled Dorset sheep. This is a more traditional downland breed that we like to keep for their docile, amenable nature and their taste and flavour. Only the ram lambs go in to the food chain. The ewes are kept for breeding.

Pigs – we purchase locally bred weaners that we feed our own home grown wheat and barley mix. They have a lovely enclosure in a wood with their sty and plenty of space to root and run about. Happy pigs for sure!

We do our own curing and use oak chips to smoke our bacon and hams

Our Journey to Carbon Neutral Beef Production

We have gradually been changing the way we produce our beef at Manor Farm as we strive for an even more sustainable way of farming.
In the UK the average carbon foot print of beef production is less than half of that of the global foot print.

At Manor Farm our carbon foot print has ben calculated as 27% lower than the average of 700 similar farms. We are doing well!
We have also taken steps to reduce this further with our aim to achieve net zero by 2040 at the latest.
We are doing this by sowing herbal and legume rich grass leys and ensuring the cattle graze efficiently by careful rotation. We have also put in place a long term breeding programme using a Native Sussex bull. The right genetics are important for growth and conformation. Another very important factor is our reduction by over 80% of nitrogen fertilizer over the last 2 years.

You can be confident that our beef is having the lowest possible impact on the environment and is benefiting biodiversity and soil health.

Special Orders

Are you having a special occasion ?  A wedding or a big party?  – we can supply special orders of meat to suit your pocket and the occasion. For example

  • Hog for Roast
  • Whole Hams
  • Whole Lambs
  • Large joints of Beef.